Cased Hole Packers and Accessiores 

RM-X Multi-Bore Packer

The RM-X Multi-Bore Packer
is a versatile, compact multiple feed-through
packer ideal for ESP completion.

RH-1 Hydraulic Set Packer

The RH1 Hydraulic Set Double Grip Retrievable packer is a high performance packer designed for single string applications where mechanical manipulation of the packer is not possible or practical.

Retrievable Casing Anchor

The Retrievable Casing Anchor is engineered
with operational efficiency, reliability and economics
in mind.

Conventional Tools

Resource Well Completion Technologies designs and manufactures a wide variety of conventional tools to meet your well completion needs.  From mechanical and hydraulic set packers, to anchors and flow control accessories.

RH-1 Packer Features

  • Largest possible bore through the packer.
  • Simple hydraulic set by pressuring upon tubing string..
  • Ideal for high angle wells or stacked completions.
  • No mandrel movement during seting.
  • Ideal for high angle wells or stacked completions.
  • Simple straight pull shear release.

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