Zone Seeker

Open Hole Multi-Stage Ball Activated System

Versa Frac Sleeve

The Versa Sleeve is a high performance ball activated ported frac sleeve designed withincrementally sized drillable ball seats.

OH Hydraulic Set Packer

The OH packer is a high performance, single element, hydraulic set packer designed for Open Hole multistage applications.

OH Anchor

The OH Anchor is a high performance hydraulic set anchoring tool designed for open hole applications as part of the Zone Seeker system.

Atmospheric Delta Hydraulic Port

The Atmospheric Delta Hydraulic Port is a high performance pressure activated sleeve designed to hydraulically gain access to the formation during Zone Seeker ball drop applications.

Activation Sub

The Activation Sub is a high performance, ball activated blanking device which allows for hydraulic activation of tools in multi-stage ball drop applications.

CHSJ Hydraulic Set Liner Packer

The CHSJ is a high performance hydraulic set packer designed as a cased hole anchor for multi-stage stimulation applications.

Zone Seeker

The Zone Seeker system open hole multi-stage system is comprised of the shortest, slimmest, most reliable components for multi stage completions in the industry. The tool designs focus on maximizing string flexibility. All open hole components are less than two feet in length with a slim OD. There are fewer connections as the system requires no handling pups for installation. This leads to reliable and safe installation at an overall lower cost to the customer.

Zone Seeker Features

  • Short, slim design requiring no pup joints. Sleeves & Packers less than 24” long.
  • Modular design allows for open hole packers to be stacked for zonal isolation redundancy.
  • Up to 60 zones can be isolated and treated in a single trip.
  • Full liner drift after drill out of seats.
  • Inner sleeve and seat rotationally locked when I open or closed position.
  • Patented, single element , OH packer design with up to 10,000 psi differential pressure rating.
  • Opens in full 360° to allow frac propagation in all directions. Inner sleeve and seat rotationally locked when I open or closed position.
  • Multiple casing sizes, grades and weight ranges available as well as standard and premium thread connections.
  • Inner sleeve and seat rotationally locked when I open or closed position.

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