Toe Initiation Sleeve

For horizontal well bores near the toe for initial pump down in “plug and perf” operations eliminating the need for a TCP run.

Zone Starter Gen I

Designed to work as a communication port at the toe of a completion.

Zone Starter Gen II

Full bore, multi-cycle / casing testable toe initiation sub.

Zone Starter

The Zone Starter is a high performance tool designed to work as a communication port at the toe of a cemented wellbore. The Zone Starter is positioned near the toe of a horizontal wellbore and when activated it allows for initial communication to the formation, allowing fluid to be displaced while pumping any tools to total depth. The tool can be run in cemented or un-cemented applications. The Zone Starter can be utilized as the first stage in pumping operations.

Zone Starter Features

  • Used in Cemented or Open Hole Applications.
  • Full Bore ID – No restrictions. 360° access to formation once opened.
  • Short compact design allows for installation without pup joints.
  • Custom flow area configurations available.
  • Absolute pressures to open with shear mechanisms having 5% plus-minus tolerances.
  • Gen II – 16,000psi absolute rating. Multiple pressure cycles and full casing pressure test capabilities before opening.
  • Gen I – 12,000psi absolute pressure rating. Adjustable opening pressures available (4500 –10,000 psi).
  • Gen II – Low opening pressure allows for cluster fracs when multiple sleeves are run at the toe of the well.

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