In 2011 Resource Well Completion Technologies revolutionized the oil and gas industry with the introduction of Zone Seeker, a new paradigm for open-hole, multi-stage stimulation completions. Ultra-compact and incorporating a single micro sealing element, Zone Seeker pioneered a new level of economics, reliability and efficiency that allowed operators to drastically change how multi-stage well completions and capital costs are viewed. The technological advancements provided by Zone Seeker are recognized in Canadian, U.S. and various international patents granting Resource exclusive right to use single element packers in open hole, ball activated multi-stage stimulation systems.

Don’t settle for outdated, expensive and inefficient technology. When it comes to true state of the art in open-hole multi-stage completions, Resource’s Zone Seeker is the original pioneer setting the bar that all others attempt to reach.

Offering the industry’s most advanced technology together with unmatched quality systems and accreditation, Resource is the answer for superior economics, superior reliability and superior quality.